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Hey, I'm Sarah!  I'm in my third year of undergrad studying law and political science. As you can imagine, school is stressful but fashion is my outlet and allows me to express myself....and hold on to my sanity. I love looking through magazines and obsessing over the hottest trends. Even though I'm currently working towards a legal profession in Uni, fashion has always been a passion of mine and I hope to some day work in the fashion industry on a professional level. 

I love high fashion and dressing chic, but when you have to drag yourself out of bed for those 8 a.m classes, that's just not an option! During the week my style is a bit more urban casual that aims for comfort. Trust me, nothing is worst than sitting through a three hour lecture in an uncomfortable outfit, no matter how fab it may be. But heading out on the weekends, heels and a cute ensemble are a must. I'm usually always over dressed, because hey, its better to look fab than drab. 

I would go on and list all of the designers that inspire me, but that list would just go on for ages. I will however say that the only down side of having so many fashion inspirations that spawn loads of outfit ideas is the damage done to my bank account, haha. 

I hope you enjoy what I have to share! xo


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