Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Week in Barbados

Booked an impromptu flight to Barbados, packed my bags and found myself under the Caribbean sun a few days later-very unlike anything I’ve ever done. A lack of time = a trip full of spontaneity… and outfit repeats, but whose really paying any attention to that when the backdrops are straight off of a postcard.

I’ve only ever been to Barbados once before, during a nine hour layover traveling home from Dominica. I didn’t get to experience much other than a beach and the scenic route from the airport, and was beyond thrilled for the chance to explore the island without any time constraints or work obligations. While I’m definitely a planner (lists are kinda my thing), it was nice to be able to make spontaneous day plans…and cancel said plans for relaxing hangouts by the pool when the heat was just too overwhelming.

Spending a decent amount of time on the island gave me the opportunity to visit the popular tourist spots, along with the local gems. From beautiful beaches, delicious fresh seafood and breathtaking vistas, this trip was definitely one for the books. Here’s a little of what I got up to during my week in Barbados.

Cafe Luna
Batts Rock Bay
Bathsheba, Saint Joseph, Barbados
Brighton Farmer’s Market
Sunday morning at the local Farmer’s market. The fresh bread and goat cheese spread was heavenly.
Silver Sands, Christ Church, Barbados
Brunch at Bean ‘N’ Bagel
Accra Beach
Blue Pineapple
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