Saturday, January 28, 2017

Refreshing my Apartment with Homesense

Today I'm sharing some snaps of my home in collaboration with Homesense. If you follow my  Instagram you are probably already aware of my passion for interior design and home decor, so it should come to no surprise that I'm always looking to refresh my home with new pieces. I've used the new year as an opportunity to incorporate new finds from Homesense to each room in my home. 
My closet is one of my favourite rooms in the apartment. Photographed above is the newest addition to my closet that incorporates wooden hangers, a floor lamp, a faux fur sheepskin rug and wall art; all finds from Homesense.

Find it at HomeSense: decor pillow, fur rugs, Ralph Lauren bedding, Ralph Lauren lamp
Find it at HomeSense: photo frames, cactus planter, candles, white deer
Find it at Homesense: globe, 2017 planner
Find it at Homesense: health products, candle, mirror, glass tray
I've always had a thing for beauty and health products in glass bottles with minimalist labels. The simplicity and elegance has the ability to transform a counter or vanity into a classier space. I found the cutest bottles of health products in the health & beauty isle and added this setup to my bathroom counter. Homesense has the most wonderful collection of products I could honestly spend hours exploring this isle. 

Find it at Homesense: cake stand, wall art
Most people display flowers in their home, but cupcakes have basically become a centre pieces on my table. I like to always have something homemade and sweet on my counter for when friends and family drop by, and I found the perfect ceramic tray to display my baked goods. 

I never understood people that feel the need to re-accessorize their home seasonally...until I got a home of my own. Now, new couch pillows every few months seems totally practical. I'm currently loving greys and added these light grey feather-filled pillows to my sofa set-up. 

Find it at Homesense: paper towel holder, glass jar, kitchen towels, cooking utensils
I'm always reorganizing my kitchen appliances to find the perfect arrangement that's both practical and accessible. I have decent counter space but prefer not to cover it with tons of appliances so items are always coming in and out of cupboards depending on necessity. However, there are a few things that are counter staples such as my utensil jar, paper towel holder, spice rack and wooden tray (not pictured) where I store my teas, coasters, chocolate, etc. 
I also have an odd but very real fascination with kitchen towels. Lame, I know haha. Something seemingly so insignificant has captured my interest and I never really knew that there were so many options until I went shopping for them in Homesense. 

Find it at Homesense: marble board, mixing bowls, utensil jar, baking utensils, measuring spoons
The baking corner of my counter is the most significant part. I probably bake more than I cook so my baking utensils are always on the counter, out of both necessity and the vibrant touch it adds to my kitchen space. I store my utensils in a glass vase that I found in the decor isle. 

Find it at Homesense: dish sponge holder
My sink space is always neat and tidy...and aesthetically pleasing. And yes, my kitchen sponge is grey to match my kitchen 🙂

Find it at Homesense: flower vase



  1. I am so here for sweet treats in place of flowers! Such a cute idea! Homesense is an absolute treasure trove, I can't get enough of it. You can find so many unique finds!

    Also I hope you don't mind but I had to add some of these photos to my Pinterest board because your styling is perfect!

    Sinéad ♥ Check out my re-launched blog HERE

  2. Hi, I'm wondering where the clothes rack and the pillow on your bed are from? If not from Homesense, it's a little frustrating to see items not from there featured in a post about that store.

    1. They don't look like home sense items. I go to home sense often and never seen clothes rack like that.

    2. Hey, the pillow is from Homesense and rack from John Lewis. I'm sorry that you're frustrated but this is the interior of my home with focus on the decor items from Homesense. They usually sell decor items and you can refer to the comments to see what I picked up from Homesense 🙂

  3. Where are those lace up red booties from?!

    1. They're from a designer called Capezzani. I wrote a blog post about them 🙂