Monday, November 14, 2016

Mimosas and Manis @ Her Majesty’s Pleasure

What better way to spend your mornings than getting pampered and sipping mocktails while doing it. I had the opportunity to experience a gel mani and blow out at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and was raving about it for days, trust me, my friends can attest to that… I’m typically a nude-nail-for-all-occasions type of gal, but couldn’t pass on the opporunity for a little nail-art action from one of the top nail salons in Toronto. I may or may not have just made up a stat, but they do have an in-house bar serving drinks and lattes during all hours of operation so I’m sure we can all agree that its ranked way up there. 

Something that was also noticably different from your typical salon was the ventilaiton and subsquent absence of acetonic scents. I usually leave nail salons feeling super drained and tired but was totally energized after my session of pampering that ended with a few drinks. The salon also offers tons of other services that you can check out here: Her Majesty’s Pleasure

P.s The staff was so friendly and put up with my photoshoot so that’s aways a plus in the world of blogging!