Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Something Brown

Surprisingly enough, this is the first piece of brown clothing that I’ve owned since I’ve started shopping for myself, I believe (circa 2006). Ever since exploring the world of fashion and style, I’ve always been led to believe that mixing black and brown was a huge faux pas. I remember reading magazines that would criticize “worst dressed celebrities” for mixing black and brown. The outfits were of course much more extravagant than a simple sweater and denim combo, but the color palette was a topic of discussion nevertheless. 

After years of exploring this industry, I’ve realized that no one can really set standards for how we should dress or what we should wear but ourselves. Personal style is a means of expression and wearing something that seems to certain people may be a dream outfit in the eyes of others!

H&M sweater
Kate Spade bag
Zara jeans, boots
Calvin Klein belt


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