Friday, July 15, 2016

Beach Days

Top + shorts from Forever 21

Beach days and a little vitamin D are necessary to cure the blues caused by exhaustions and overworking yourself, especially if you don’t often get the chance to enjoy the warm weather. Make time for yourself and soak up the sun while you can…and just incase you haven’t been taking advantage of this heat wave we’ve been experiencing in Toronto, I have one word for you…w i n t e r. 

With such a hectic schedule in the Summer months, I try to dedicate a day (or half a day) once every two weeks to beach days. We’re lucky enough in Toronto to have a few beaches in and around the surrounding proximity so it’s not such a hassle to pack our totes and leave the phones behind. If I can’t find time to go out to the beach I usually go to, Sugar Beach downtown does the trick! 


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