Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two Truths & a Lie

Today's post is quite personal and I was unsure whether or not to share but here goes.

It's Saturday morning (one week ago) and I'm sitting in a room with a group of Uni students for leadership training. Our session has ended but there's time to kill. "Lets play Two Truths & and a Lie" says the session moderator. "Okay" I think to myself "it's time to prove yourself"(Like I even had anything to prove, I'm successful and whether they know it or not is irrelevant) Anyways, I thought "these people are judging me and they know absolutely nothing more than my name, let's give them something to judge." "Hmm... I have 4 siblings, I own a successful business and I'm fluent in Spanish" I'm slightly ashamed of loosing my composure (regarding my success) but it was done. *Queue the awkward silence* Five seconds later the room breaks out into the usual chatter.

"You definitely don't own a business"
"The lie is that you own a business, how can you at 18?"
"You probably speak Spanish!"
"I'm not sure about the business thing"

As much as I'd love to understand Spanish soap operas Dora was not that good of a teacher. After a minute of back and forth discussion the lie was revealed. "What kind of business do you own?" asks the moderator in a sarcastic tone. I told her and in that moment she was the dictionary definition of shocked and surprised all in one. I should probably mention that the session was on equity and after spending an hour and a half discussing the topic, I could literally feel the irony. It's become apparent that there are actually people out there that think coming from a successful family, being privileged and having a career at a young age is surprising if you're not white. I'm not trying to play the race card as I've never even considered it my entire life but people need to understand that some of the most successful people worldwide are actually NOT white. 

Let me rewind and put this into context.  My entire university career, I've been judged by the colour of my skin and I can't tell you how unusual it was for me, I guess I was just not expecting it when I first stepped onto campus three years ago. It was odd for me because I've grown up and lived in two towns with little to no ethnic diversity and identified myself accordingly. Growing up and branching out, the insults I would get are "whitewashed" and being judged for knowing the hottest cultural music and films. In Uni, I've never actually been verbally insulted but have experienced it in other ways with students and TAs. I was raised to maintain composure and never make my wealth or success apparent and always felt like I had to be the bigger person. Although, in the rare moment when one discovers where I live or what I do, its funny that they suddenly want to be friends but I cater to NO gold diggers!

In Uni, I expected that things would be the same as they had all my life and I'd fall in with the same crowd. That was not the case at the beginning. This is not something that I talk about simply because it has no bearing on my life, I'm unaffected by others' ignorance. There are plenty of tough moments but I opt out of self pity parties because I know that people have it worse off. Call me emotionally challenged but I can't get torn up every time I miss an opportunity because of other peoples ignorance. I've learned to make my own opportunities and cease the ones out there. To this day I've never been turned down after an interview because I don't hold back during these moments. My personality has gotten me where I am and I can't let those who judge based on their perception of certain people bring me down.

I want to be clear that I discriminate against no one, not even to reciprocate the judgement and discrimination I receive. I'm not sharing this with you to gain moral support but rather to show you that composure and class are some of the most important factors in success. Flashy cars and a closet full of designer goods are nice but long lived success requires much more than money and status. Love all, do wrong to none.

Have you experienced anything like this? How did you deal with it?

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Xo, Sarah


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