Saturday, December 21, 2013


'Flower Pendent Necklace', Lookbook Store 

Hello all, it's officially the first day of Winter! Although, the weather is no real indication considering its been crazy cold for the past couple of weeks but it's no surprise because that's Canadian weather for ya! I know some of you probably hate the cold because it means bundling over those cute outfits with parkas, scarves and hats but you learn to adjust. The only thing I absolutely despise about this time of year is the slush! Snow is fine but once it turns to slush I couldn't be more anxious for Spring to arrive.

Since its the first day of Winter, I thought I'd start the season off with a statement and what better way to do this than with statement jewelry. I bought this gorgeous statement necklace from the Lookbook Store and its absolutely perfect to pair with plain sweaters. 

These harem pants from Zara are suitable to wear during any season! They're really slimming although it may not look it in this picture with the wind filling them with air, haha. 

Get the look:
Sweater - Target
Harem pants - Zara 
Heels - Aldo
Bag - Target
Ring - Aldo
Necklace - Lookbook Store


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  1. Hi doll, I stumbled upon your blog on Google plus and I'm hooked. You have such a lovely blog. Oh before I forget, I love how you styled your pants, so effortlessly chic and that necklace is a winner
    xx Kay

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Great style!


  3. Love this look! It's so chic and classy <3

    Oh, Ivory Blog