Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sheinside Review

Hi lovelies, 

I've been hearing a lot about this online clothing retailer Sheinside so I searched it up to see what all the fuss was about. I found many mixed reviews so I decided to give it a look and decide for myself.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this site and all of my reviews are truthful & entirely based on my personal experiences.)

This website has a huge variety of clothing, a smaller inventory of accessories and does not sell footwear. There is a very diverse selection of clothing and although based in China, its periodically updated to meet the fashion trends in the US & Canada. 



It's common when buying from online retailers in Asia, you don't always get exactly what's displayed in the images and the quality is often really poor. With Sheinside, you get what you see - the product you receive is accurate to the image. The quality of the clothing is also surprising good and on all occasions, it has arrived in perfect conditions. I've seen reviews of other China retailers where the products arrive in pieces, missing buttons or damaged in other ways but Sheinside seems promising.

Sheinside dress worn by the lovely Hapa Time 
Products on this site range in very different price values. There is no real price range seeing that one dress could be $20 while another is $70. There are however, fairly low priced clothing! There are also coupons that you can always find online for 15-20% off your entire order. 


Another really cool aspect of their website is their bonus points system. Basically how this system works is every time you place an order, you get the amount in points that you spent: spend $50, get 50 Sheinside points. You can also gain points every time you leave a product review, with a limit of 4 reviews per day. Each point counts as 1 cent in monetary value so 100 points would be $1, which you can apply towards your next order. 

Shipping is FREE worldwide and there are no extra duty charges (for Canada at least). The package takes around 30 days to arrive, which is a downside but expected. 

The items are super fashionable and there are too many must-have's to list. I have become obsessed with shopping here because there are so many gorgeous pieces that are similar to clothing found in shops in Canada/US but at a lower price. So why not? 😉 There is also a huge network of bloggers that you can connect with through this website and share your looks from Sheinside directly on the site!

I hope this answered all of your Sheinside questions. Happy shopping 🙂 

Stay tuned for a Sheinside haul !

Xo, Sarah


  1. Loving your post ! I like what they have in there! 🙂


  2. Such a great post! All the clothing is beautiful <3

  3. Love this review 🙂
    On my blog, there's some Holiday Outfit Ideas including Sheinside clothes.
    Dolce kisses


  4. Great post. I was not aware of this retailer. I liked a few of the pieces you featured. Your review was very detailed and quite informative. Thanks for sharing.